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Transport design company

tangerine is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading transport design companies and at the forefront of transportation and mobility design consultancy. Our expertise spans all things passenger experience, vehicle design and built travel environments. We have over two decades of experience helping ambitious transport operators, OEM manufacturers, architects and engineering consultancies to take creative leaps to design innovative customer experiences which exceed expectations.


  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Vehicle Design - Interior and Exterior
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Built Environment and Interior Design
  • Brand Identity


We are the foremost aviation design consultancy internationally. We are the creators of the very first fully lie-flat bed in business class for British Airways in 1999, and over a twenty-year period have created some of the most innovative and beautiful cabin interiors flying today as well as solving some of the most complex puzzles in aircraft seating design innovation. For both legacy and low-cost carriers on every continent, we have a proven track record for award-winning design and innovation.

We can help you to deliver a noticeable increase in the quality of the passenger experience; with vastly improved perceptions of space and comfort which reinforces the passengers’ belief and trust in your brand.

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We are a trusted partner to ambitious train operating companies, rolling stock manufacturers and seating OEMs, helping them to create innovative rail solutions that solve challenges in the rail industry and push the envelope for passenger experience. We have designed dozens of trains including high speed, maglev, intercity, metro, touristic and sleeper. Most notably, we designed the interior of China Rail’s high-speed Beijing Winter Olympic 2022 train for CRRC Changchun.

Our experienced, passionate team of rail designers have extensive train interior & exterior design expertise and can help you to design outstanding rail passenger environments and create customer experiences that entice engage, and enthral.

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Automotive & Mobility

We are experts in helping mobility and automotive companies to develop concepts for new types of vehicles through small space innovation, future vision setting and user experience (UX). We have worked with many of the world’s leading car companies including Toyota, Hyundai, KIA, Nissan and Volkswagen, helping them to explore autonomous driving experiences and new mobility platforms such as E-VOTLs, moving recording studios and portable hotel rooms.

Our transport design team can help you to design new vehicle types, craft a holistic customer experience, develop adaptable interior spaces and consider the digital journey to support the development of new product and service innovations.

Infrastructure and built environments

Our expertise in transportation is not limited to passenger vehicles, we consider end-to-end journeys, helping operators to create branded travel experiences that take the pain out of travel. We have helped British Airways and American Airlines to create a co-branded airport check-in experience, and Finnair to craft its ground-to-air experience through the design of its premium lounges at Helsinki airport and aircraft cabin interiors.

We also partner with architects, engineering consultants and Design & Build specialists on large infrastructure challenges, working as an SME partner to raise the quality of human-scale touchpoints and customer experience within stations and transportation hubs.

We can help you to craft a customer experience blueprint for your developments to activate masterplans, design interior spaces to meet the varying needs of diverse travellers. We will conceptualise new physical and digital products and services to support holistic journeys, and define a brand identity to build loyalty and customer retention for your brand.