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Train design company

tangerine is a London-headquartered design company with over two decades of transportation experience in sectors including automotive, aviation, rail, infrastructure and mobility. We help companies to take creative leaps to design innovative customer experiences that exceed expectations. Our services include product and service innovation, customer experience design and brand identity.

We have an experienced, passionate team of rail designers with extensive train interior & exterior design expertise, who can help you to design outstanding rail passenger environments and create customer experiences that entice engage, and enthral.


  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Brand Identity and Train Livery
  • Rail Vehicle Design - Interior and Exterior
  • UX and Digital journey

Rail design consultancy 

We work as a trusted partner to train operating companies, rolling stock manufacturers and OEMs helping them to create innovative rail solutions that solve challenges in the rail industry and pushes the envelope for passenger experience. Our creative leaps process involves research, strategy, and design to generate concepts that we take right through development into engineering and implementation onboard the train ready for service.

We also work collaboratively with Tier 1 contractors, sub-contracting as an SME design consultant for large transportation and infrastructure projects, where we deliver value through vision setting, opportunity identification, customer experience design and strategy.

Our technical and regulatory rail design expertise can help you to design the best possible passenger environment while meeting the stringent industry demands for serviceability, manufacture, safety, and cost.

Train interior and exterior design

We are specialists in rail vehicle design of every type; providing solutions from quick, retrofit changes that lift the brand, through to groundbreaking innovation that develops future-forward products and services to revolutionise the customer experience.

The way we work is bespoke to your requirements, and the level of change that we introduce is tailored to your challenge, budget, and ambition, ensuring we generate a solution that is the right fit for your business.

We help you to deliver new rolling stock and refurbished train designs that encapsulate your brand values, the spirit of your city, route or nation and elevate the experience to best serve your customers. Our designs harness the latest trends and technologies to enhance space, comfort, service, and environment. All the while ensuring optimisation for manufacture, maintenance and use in-service.

Customer Experience Design

Understanding passengers is critical to designing customer experiences that attract people to use rail. To get to the heart of what is important to passengers, we walk a mile in their shoes; mapping journeys, interpreting trends, generating personas, conducting interviews, and designing scenarios to identify and solve pain points. We help you to locate and act on competitive points of difference that have the potential to deliver better, ownable customer experiences for rail services.

Depending on the insights and opportunities identified through research, design outcomes might involve the design of spaces, digital and physical products, or service blueprints to inform how facilities should be provisioned and how staff should support them. By considering every detail of the passenger journey we help you to craft customer experiences that drive engagement and improve loyalty with passengers.

Proven track record

We have been working in the rail industry since 2011, having been invited by the UK’s favourite rail operator, Heathrow Express, to transform their first-class carriage in time for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Our innovative train carriage design introduced premium single aisle seating, giving passengers a reason to upgrade their ticket on the rapid 15-minute journey between London Paddington and Britain’s busiest airport, Heathrow.

Since then, we have designed over 18 different rolling stock vehicles for CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co. Ltd. and its worldwide customers, using some of the most advanced rail vehicle technologies in the world. Through a strategic partnership, we’ve been helping CRRC Changchun to raise the design quality of its passenger rail cars, including high-speed trains, maglev trains, metros, sleepers, and light rail. Most notably, tangerine and CRRC Changchun won the prestigious competition to design China Rail’s Beijing Winter Olympic 2022 high speed train, which took athletes, media personnel, VIPs and fans from Beijing to the ski centre in Zhangjiakou.

Innovative rail designers

Our ambitious rail design team have a finger on the pulse of trends and the shifting habits of consumers around the world. We understand the key challenges for designing exceptional rail passenger environments and can help you to explore the opportunities for innovation that will push the boundaries of what’s possible in train travel.

We are innovators who aren’t afraid to tackle the big issues in transport and imagine a better future in which rail plays a fundamental part role in a sustainable, high-capacity network that caters to all types of customers and journeys. We’ve looked at innovative ways to deliver higher density pandemic-proof metros, envisaged the future of VIP luxury train travel that competes with airlines, and have created a vision for the future of high-speed rail in 2030 and beyond.