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Transforming a van into a live broadcasting studio

Hyundai’s ambition is to move beyond being a provider of transportation solutions, and to rethink how to best meet people’s needs and desires while travelling. In combination with SM Entertainment and Hyundai asked us to help to create a unique co-branded mobility platform to showcase the versatility of their new Solati van and promote SM Entertainment’s world-renowned K-pop stars. The aim was to create an exclusive, bespoke, platform that could offer a unique environment in which to host their celebrity clientele on-the-move and deliver high-performance recording sessions for live streaming to social media.


  • Transport Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Colour, material & finish
  • User Experience & UI
  • Trend Forecasting & Vision Setting


Hyundai initially set a brief to create a nice studio environment, also providing a list of studio equipment to integrate into the space. However, it was quickly identified that all the equipment listed with designed for a studio not a moving van, the issue of weight, overheating, large consumption of electricity is only the tip of the challenges the team identified.

Tangerine quickly adapted its approach to the project and brought in industry experts and specialist film and sound technicians from BBC’s Top Gear and Channel 4’s Gogglebox television programme, to bring depth of knowledge into the team. From selecting the right equipment for filming in vehicles, the right positioning, and angles to ensure the post-production team could produce dynamic and entertaining content to teaching us the basic principles of lighting and framing faces appropriately on camera so each celebrity was equally positioned. The experts went as far as sharing with the team the needs of celebrities when being filmed.


Tangerine led the design process in conjunction with testing solutions with experts, refining the layout design with effective equipment integration.

The design solution carefully integrates audio-visual systems into a mobile platform, we re-specified everything to overcome problems within the interior space of the van. The equipment list was totally redefined for durability, compactness, quality, and static abilities to deliver premium design, user-comfort, safety as well as quality content.

The team took apart the entire van and worked alongside fabric specialists to audio technicians to ensure the design was carried out to implementation. Often facing unexpected challenges, the team quickly adapted to ensure the design wasn’t compromised and quality was delivered as well as being safe as a vehicle and optimal for live filming purposes.


Lounge type seating offers a familiar and fun ambience in the van totally reimagining a typical van interior. Design informed down to the details from the type of microphones selected to the eye-level camera and screens so each celebrity can see how they look live to adjustable dimming LED lights to ensure that the celebrities are appropriately lit during on-the-go filming.

Six compact high-resolution cameras were built into the van and bolted to the floor for stable broadcasting, materials were strategically selected to reduce external noise and interference and bespoke furniture ensured production engineers had a designated area to work in without interfering the live show.

The van also ensured utmost safety with un-obstructed entry and exit points on the side and back of the vehicle. With the new spatial layout, seats had to be modified to meet seatbelt requirements. The production table was totally customised to ensure the station was secure and unable to injure anyone when the van was moving.

The result is an exclusive, bespoke platform that offers a unique environment to host on-the-move recording sessions and live streaming; redefining what can be achieved within the space of a van.

Hyundai’s Solati Studio has picked up a Good Design Award in the USA and an IF Design Award from Germany, in recognition of the innovative design solution.


tangerine is helping Hyundai to challenge the meaning of mobility, to move beyond transportation and become a provider of experience and entertainment.

Young Choo Project Director and Head of tangerine’s Seoul studio in South Korea