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Consumer product design company

tangerine is an award-winning international product design company with headquarters in London, UK and a studio in Seoul, S. Korea.  We have been at the vanguard of industrial design for over thirty years, creating some of the most groundbreaking designs for some of the best-known brands.  Our work has been able to transform consumer products, companies, and even whole markets: the yin-yang bed for British Airways that changed the way we fly; the iconic SKY+ set-top box that changed the way we watched television; the design spirit that helped turn Far East manufacturing giants into global brands and changed the way we shop.


  • Product Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Colour, material and finish
  • User Experience & UI
  • Trend Forecasting & Vision Setting
  • Industrial Design

Product identity and design language

Successful industrial design is achieved when a new design language effortlessly runs across your product family, and it work across different countries, cultures, and markets at the right price points. Whether it involves changing perceptions in an entrenched market or regaining a leadership position, the research and design process will be tailored for every client. At tangerine, it is all about clarity of vision and adopting a creative approach that will inspire and not prescribe.

Product and Service innovation

Our name is on over 25 international patents created for a wide range of products from steering wheels, parent and baby wearables to portable hotel rooms and airline seating; products that are sold in every corner of the world.

tangerine’s three concept machines for Apple, undertaken in 1992, were the product of extraordinary design ability, imagining futuristic machines that no focus group could ever have begun to conceive.

For S. Korean giant, LG electronics, we have strategically helped them to move away from functional to emotional design by focussing our work on the user’s perspective rather than the product styling.  From mobile phones, televisions and refrigerators to concept automotive and aircraft interiors that showcases LG’s highly innovative technology, this has been a successful strategy spanning thirty years, that has helped the brand to become highly visible and immensely competitive in the western market.

Creative leaps

We work with start-ups to multinational brands to deliver creative leaps.  We listen to our clients and their customers to discover the key insights that we need to support the next bold step in response to your business objectives.