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Smart monitoring system for parents & babies

Bluebell, a start-up founded by two doctors and a data scientist in 2016, had patented a smart baby monitor which tracked a babies breathing rate, skin temperature, movement and position. With a USP that it instantly sends alerts to a parent wristband at home and when on the go.

The team had built an initial proof of concept prototype, and urgently needed the right design partner to help them turn their germ of an idea into a compelling product and service experience.



  • Brand identity
  • Product Design
  • Design Engineering
  • User Experience & UI
  • Colour, material & finish


While Bluebell did not have the money to take the product forward, the huge potential of the system was clear, and we grabbed the opportunity of working together with them on a risk sharing basis.

A critical first step was to quickly set a vision for the project. We created a simple animation communicating its key benefits, giving the Bluebell team ammunition for initial discussions with investors.

As the system’s potential features were so expansive, yet cost was a major factor, our combined teams mapped out the user modes and alerts, and quickly defined wireframes for the app.  Scoping out options for the size and arrangement of the electronics hardware, was completed at the same time.



The whole customer experience needed to appeal and be understood by new and experienced parents. Multiple options for the form and interrelationship between the elements were explored widely, and a design language was crafted that subtly established a DNA across the hard, soft and graphic elements of the system.

A brand proposition of ‘Parenting, made simpler’ was created for Bluebell, to powerfully set them apart in the crowded market.  A visual identity was developed interlinking core elements of the app’s UX with key components of the brand’s identity.


A simple and intuitive design for the parent wristband was created, delivering visual and vibration alerts with icons and a glowing LED to communicate the baby’s status.  It also tracks the parent’s activity and enables them to record feeding and nappy change times.

A one-piece clasp on the baby monitor enables easy attachment onto a vest or baby-grow. This keeps the monitor reliably aligned and close to the baby’s chest.

The hub is the system’s charge station and provides thread connectivity to the wearables and wi-fi for upload of data to the cloud. It constantly measures nursery temperature and enables parents to listen-in, play lullabies or white noise, and contains the nightlight.

Last, but not least, is the app.  It works for multiple users, wherever they are, and enables them to receive alerts, view data, set-up routines, and remotely control the hub.

Delivering all of this to market required co-working with a contract manufacturer who, like us, instantly appreciated the potential of the system.  They agreed to be flexible with minimum order requirements to support the progressive growth of the business.

Multiple rounds of prototypes and pre-production units were developed, tested and refined and the business has successfully scaled.  We continue to work together with Bluebell, planning improvements and upgrades, as data on usage and customer feedback is gathered.

What attracted us to Tangerine was their family feel. They were friendly, helpful and pragmatic in their approach to risk sharing. Martin [Darbyshire] quickly understood the potential of our technology and the ambition of the business. They’ve helped us turn our idea into a category leading product & service in the mother & baby sector, and we’ve worked together now for over four years. Martin and Melinda sit on our board, and Tangerine’s expertise and ongoing support is invaluable as we grow.

Romi Mathew, Co-Founder at Connido (Bluebell)