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Taking advantage of the growing 3D printer market 

By 2030 the 3D printer market is estimated to grow to $40billion and drive the advancement of faster design, rapid manufacture and launch of new types of industries and products. Sindoh was quick to spot the opportunity that 3D printing represented and invested heavily in R&D to develop it own solutions and technologies.

Our long-term strategic partnership with Sindoh placed us in pole position to help them introduce new ranges of 3D printers; from entry-level home printers to professional versions, to designing a bespoke new exhibition to help them market their capabilities at their headquarters building.


  • Market & User research
  • Product design & Design engineering
  • Exhibition design
  • UX and UI design


Through early user-testing our team established that existing 3D printers on the market were often far too complex to use for many users.  It became our ambition to streamline the physical and digital processes and make the product more intuitive in use for the consumer.

Following the launch of Sindoh’s initial range of consumer and prosumer 3D printers, we built on the knowledge we had gained and went on to design Sindoh’s larger FFF and SLA printers and developed the product visual identity to work for numerous B2B markets.


As a relative newcomer in the 3D printer market, Sindoh’s potential customer base was rapidly expanding.  The company needed to demonstrate not only the benefit of their products but also their commitment to the sector and the capabilities of their organisation. The showroom we designed also had to flex enough to grow and adapt as new partnerships were forged and customer base developed.

The challenge was to create a showroom that would appeal to a wide-ranging audience, from suppliers and VIPs to educational groups and 3D printing enthusiasts.  Critically, through our strategic design partnership we had a clear understanding of Sindoh’s overall strategy and were able to articulate this quickly and comprehensively through the new showroom design


The first 3D printer was launched to critical acclaim at CES 2015 in Las Vegas and went on to win a Red Dot Award for design.

Numerous ranges of consumer to prosumer 3D printers have launched and are successfully being sold via Amazon and through Sindoh’s growing sales network.  And Sindoh continues to pioneer in the development of SLA and FFF technologies and grow its penetration in specialist B2B markets.

The interactive 3D printing showroom has helped Sindoh to establish business relationships with key strategic partners, through the storytelling of the strengths of the company and demonstration of its innovative manufacturing.


tangerine have become like family to us. Martin clearly explains his thoughts behind design concepts and at the same time considers the position of Sindoh. When adjustments based on our staff feedback were needed, he came up with the best solution without breaking the entire concept. I have come to trust his philosophy.

Chairman and CEO at Sindoh