Work / Lot Polish Airlines

Fleet renewal inspired by dramatic Polish landscapes and stunning architecture

In 2022, LOT Polish Airlines chose tangerine to spearhead a comprehensive upgrade to their cabin interiors, signalling a significant evolution in the airline’s long and short-haul services in its ambition to become the preferred carrier in Central and Eastern Europe. The endeavour was to develop a cohesive cabin interior design concept spanning all classes of LOT’s wide-body Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft and then seamlessly translate it into their narrow-body counterparts. The retrofit programme encompassed a holistic overhaul, including the replacement of seating across all classes, integration of a state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system, and the introduction of internet connectivity. Infused with a distinct Polish flair, our new cabin interior design pays homage to LOT’s 95-year legacy while embodying the ethos of Polish hospitality through a contemporary lens.


  • Design strategy and Vision Setting
  • Creative direction
  • Cabin interior design
  • Brand identity and Brand experience
  • Soft products


To gain insight into Poland’s rich cultural tapestry, tangerine embarked on a journey to Poland, engaging in immersive dialogues with key stakeholders including CEOs, creatives, and renowned film directors. Matt Round, Chief Creative Officer at tangerine, reflects, “Poland is filled with this incredible light that washes over breathtaking scenery. Artists and architects are creating energetic moments of magic and bold landmarks that stamp their mark on the landscape. This was inspirational gold dust.”

Drawing inspiration from Poland’s status as Europe’s biggest copper producer, tangerine incorporated copper accents throughout the cabin design, evoking the nation’s warm hospitality and paying homage to its architectural heritage. The design narrative, influenced by the Museum of Fire in Zory, Poland, seamlessly weaves in touches of copper, Polish craftwork, and Poland’s stunning scenery into the cabin interiors.


tangerine set the vision for travel with LOT, encompassing cabin interiors, onboard service goods, and the lounge experience before developing the design for all three cabin classes: Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy.

‘Pure Polish’ serves as the overarching theme, drawing on Polish heritage and LOT’s ambition for the future. We captured the essence of Poland, translating its sun-illuminated landscapes into cabin elements and suite-door laminates. Inspired by the splendour of sunrise and sunset over the Tatra Mountains, bulkheads in each class evoke ethereal gradients — from dark blue to light blue in Business Class, from dark blue to amber in Premium Economy, and from dark blue to sky pink in Economy.


Passengers boarding LOT’s aircraft worldwide can immerse themselves in the essence of Poland, whether returning home, visiting, or transiting. The elegant entranceway to the aircraft features a copper finish with detailing reminiscent of Polish paper cutting, known as ‘wycinanki’.The cabin CMF reflects Poland’s abundant raw materials, such as copper and amber, fostering a unique connection to Polish roots. The colour palette captures Poland’s essence, transitioning from dark and sumptuous tones in Business Class to lighter and brighter hues in Economy, enhancing the sense of space in the denser part of the cabin.

This design represents a coherent brand expression for LOT Polish Airlines, fitting seamlessly with their existing fleet and ground experience, while effectively differentiating between classes. With its bold use of colour, contrast, and gradation, coupled with a mix of surface finishes, the cabin environment stands a testament to LOT Polish Airlines’ commitment to innovation and passenger comfort.