4K HD televisions


The brief

BOE, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of LCD video panels for other companies, asked us to help them shape their own brand and develop their name in China. The process would begin with the design of top-of-the-range 55” HD televisions for the burgeoning home market, products that would also announce BOE as a premium and distinctive name. It was a project set within a very tight timescale – just 15 months to get from first meeting to first sales.

Key insights

Consumer research revealed the importance of the giant-screen TV for millions of young aspirational Chinese. Discussion centred on how BOE could best take advantage of the changing role of television in the home, what was meant by a ‘premium’ product in this context and what additional value the company might offer. We needed to identify the DNA of BOE – to incorporate the essence of the company into their products and make them distinctive in a crowded market. One key insight was that, while consumers demanded huge screens, image and sound quality were the most important aspects of the viewing experience.

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The solution

The tangerine team introduced BOE to a three-step approach: understanding the consumer market; devising a concept reflecting consumer trends; manufacturing the product. The products that emerged from this process not only offered brilliant picture quality but also enhanced sound quality, with an additional speaker integrated into a simple and elegant design.

From the process of helping BOE design a premium TV, tangerine shaped a brand identity for the company as a whole. “We can bring something different from a typical design consultancy,” argues Darbyshire. “We look to make something distinctive for a company like BOE, aggressively trying to grow its brand.”


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The design story

Client testimonial

The client says:

“The product was refreshing,” Wang Ying says. “We are hopeful that it will establish BOE as a high-end producer
in the Chinese market and that we can establish a long and co-operative relationship with tangerine.”

Wang Ying, General Manager, CPO Centre, BOE

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