Work / Hassan Allam

Creating the user experience for the Grand Egyptian Museum

We were charged by Hassan Allam, the provider and operator of services and facilities at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), to define the visitor experience of one of the world’s most anticipated museums, the Grand Egyptian Museum, which will house the treasures and artefacts of one of history’s oldest and most revered civilisations.


  • Service & User Experience Blueprints
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Insight and Trend Research
  • Spatial Masterplanning


The team went through a Discovery phase where they explored Egyptian culture, benchmarked other museum experiences, conducted a range of user interviews for both locals & tourists and visited the GEM site to absorb its character as well as understand its layout. The team made sense of the findings, created key guiding insights, crafted a range of user journeys and started to define core GEM experiences.


Our ambition was to create an air of wonder in appreciation of the vast number of incredible artefacts, many of which will be brought together and shown to the public for the first time. And to build anticipation and intrigue that will inform locals about the GEM experience on their doorstep, redefining what a museum means as a destination for Egyptians and tourists alike.




For tangerine the vision was Revival. GEM will attract visitors from all corners of the world, as well as local visitors, for whom a walk around the gardens and outdoor eating needed to live up to the key user modes of: Relive, Refresh, Relax and Re-engage. As a final deliverable we crafted and built a tangible user experience blueprint and design manual. It included a range of memorable signature moments that are authentic, connected and ownable by the GEM brand and just as importantly a set of in-between moments that glued the entire experience together.

I‘ve actually been struggling to understand what is meant by ‘Customer experience‘, but I now fully understand it and value the input of consultants who can map out a vision for it and truly shape a persons experience when visiting a place.

Merette Elsayed, Group Chief Commercial Officer at Hassan Allam Holding