Smart monitoring system for parents & babies


The brief

In 2016 tangerine was approached by Bluebell, a start-up founded by a psychiatrist, an A&E doctor and a data analyst from the NHS, who had come up with an idea for a first of its kind smart monitoring system to improve parent and baby routine and wellbeing.

Bluebell’s founders gave up their day jobs to make their dreams become a reality and urgently needed a design partner to help them turn their technological solution into a family of products, a brand, and a customer experience that could successfully commercialise their concept and launch it to market.

“At tangerine, we are frequently approached by start-ups with great ideas, and Bluebell stood out to us as having the potential to be a transformational product in its market,” says tangerine CEO, Martin Darbyshire.

Key insights

From their experience of being parents and working in the NHS, Bluebell’s founders identified that traditional baby monitors failed to provide the reassurance and convenience that parents needed and they began to think about what the solution may be.

Research and feedback from parent groups led the team to identify the need for a system that could give detailed information about the status of baby, from anywhere and at any time, to provide the support and reassurance that parents required to better plan their routines.

Through the research, the team were also made aware of parental concerns about the safety of using wearable devices in close proximity to baby, and so identified thread technology as a route to delivering ultra-low emissions, secure data transmission and extended battery life.

Key to success would be designing a smart monitoring system that was simple and safe to use that provides non-intrusive, real-time reassurance about the wellbeing of baby. While at the same time, creating a coherent brand and customer experience for a new category of product and service that would attract consumers.

The solution

tangerine helped Bluebell to create the brand proposition, ‘Parenting, made simpler’, designed the word mark and established the guidelines to ensure consistent multichannel brand communication highlighting the key USPs, product benefits and company ethos. This included the design of all physical and digital touchpoints, including the three IOT devices, the app, marketing and social media collateral, product packaging, and an exhibition stand.

The brand identity is imaginative and thoughtful, communicating the friendly and caring character of the new Bluebell brand, whilst distinguishing the system for its high-quality design and technological capability, which is progressive within the baby category.

The Bluebell family of devices includes a baby monitor, a parent wristband, a smart hub and a supporting mobile app. The system measures breathing, temperature, baby position, sleep and activity and detects audio. To convey all of this information in a digestible way, tangerine’s team designed a communication system that gently reassures parents of baby’s wellbeing, and helps them to manage their routines through soft notification prompts to the parent wristband and wireless control of the smart hub via the app. Over time the system builds a unique picture of baby’s history through active and passive monitoring, which can be reviewed on the Bluebell app.


When out-and-about, the parent wristband and baby monitor continue to communicate with each other, providing the much-valued feedback wherever you may be.

Within the home, the system regularly uploads data to the cloud via the Hub, which is positioned in baby’s room, offering a charging station for the parent wristband and baby monitor, and features including soothing white noise, lullabies and an adjustable night light which can all be remotely controlled from anywhere in the home.


At the heart of Bluebell is the ability for parents and carers to customise their experience to suit their needs and parenting lifestyle. “It isn’t easy to bring an idea to life, but the team at tangerine were able to give focus to Bluebell’s Founders’ ambitions and help them to turn their idea into a brand, customer experience and a unique set of products. We worked with them from the start right through to launch and wish them every success in the market,” explains Martin.



Baby monitor, reinvented.

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