Our approach

The global market is fast expanding and becoming increasingly interconnected. Competition is now arriving in new forms, with disruptive start-ups and innovative brands squeezing the market share of well-established businesses that are failing to adapt. Nowadays consumers don’t just want products or services, they want experiences that aren’t constrained to any one industry. People gravitate towards brands that engage and create a distinctive offer.

It is easy for companies to express an aspiration to change. More difficult is utilising innovation and design processes to find new ideas that unlock real potential. But if you get this right, the benefits can be transformational.

We use design to create innovative solutions and create new strategic directions that help businesses to reposition their offer, enter new markets and differentiate their products and services to achieve ambitious commercial goals.


Innovation is about determining what to do next. This involves helping businesses to ask the right questions: What are our strengths and weaknesses? Which values make us unique? What are the new things we could bring to market? Which business model is right for us? Which ideas can we act upon? What resources and capabilities do we need?

Answering the fundamental questions clearly defines the opportunities that need to be explored. Our innovation process gives our clients a clearer understanding of the critical issues, success factors, and great ideas that will shape the way forward.

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We create frameworks that help businesses to shift their focus and move into new spaces. Working closely with our clients, we help them to establish a strategy, with the right sequence of steps, to explore new possibilities, monetise insights and plan new products, services and experiences. This enables our clients to introduce successful change and deliver on their commercial objectives.

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Once business objectives have been identified and the means to achieve them has been established, design execution becomes the success factor for a product or service. From insight research to final execution, we engage all stakeholders in a rigorous design process to imagine new possibilities and create compelling outcomes that delight consumers, differentiate brands and deliver significant return on investment.

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Our toolbox

Design & brand strategy
Design management
Naming & corporate identity
Design immersion & co-creation

Forecasting, trends & insights
Ethnographic research
User trials & human factors
Design & innovation workshops

Transport & mobility design
Service & UX design
Graphic & UI design
Product & industrial design
Retail & Interior design
Colour, material & finish (CMF)

Design engineering
Design for manufacture
Prototyping & mock-ups