Volkswagen Group China Sky Garden eVTOL Prototype wins German Design Award 2024


We are delighted to announce that Volkswagen Group’s Sky Garden eVTOL Prototype has won the German Design Award! tangerine is proud to have collaborated with Yuting Liu and Duan Zhu from Volkswagen China, as the design team behind this creative endeavor.

Volkswagen Group China recently unveiled its first electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) passenger drone prototype, the concept is based on existing autonomous driving solutions and battery technology for emission-free mobility. This fully electric and automated eVTOL could eventually carry four passengers plus luggage over a distance of up to 200km. It aims initially at high-net-worth tech-savvy Chinese customers.

Statement of the jury

The electrically powered vertical take-off aircraft ‘V.MO’ looks like a drone and works in a similar way. The cabin, which is as spacious as it is luxurious, offers space for four people plus luggage and promises a breathtaking view through the large windows. Only a prototype so far, but with its progressive design language it gives a foretaste of the future of private and individual mobility in the air.