tangerine creates a new interior design for LOT Polish Airlines’ Dreamliners

tangerine is delighted to be named by LOT Polish Airlines as the designers of their new Dreamliner 787-8 cabin interiors recently revealed. While the new interiors will not fly until 2026, tangerine is able to share some of the influences that inspired the designers that are clearly discernible all classes of the cabin interior.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Class Entrance

LOT is one of the oldest national carriers in the world, their 95-year heritage is a proud one. Flying since 1929 LOT wanted to incorporate the famous Polish hospitality into their new cabin offer.

From the get-go we travelled to Poland and held conversations with CEOs, creatives and eminent film directors to do a deep dive into Polish culture. We were surprised.

“Poland is filled with incredible light washing over breathtaking scenery.” says Chief Creative Officer, Matt Round. “Artists are creating energetic moments of magic and bold architecture stamps it mark on the landscape. This is inspirational gold dust.”

Many buildings take their design language from the famous Polish craftwork, stunning scenery and from the abundance of copper still mined in the country.

“We discovered that Poland is Europe’s largest producer of copper.” says Round “Over 2% of the world’s copper is mined there. This seemed perfect a material to represent the warm hospitality of LOT in our design vision.”


LOT Polish Airlines Business Class Concept

LOT Polish Airlines Business Class Concept

Indeed, touches of copper accent are found throughout the cabin interior, with inspiration coming from the Museum of Fire in Zory, Poland.

Tangerine set the vision for travel with LOT including the cabin interiors, on-board service goods and the lounge experience before developing the design for all three cabin interiors, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy classes. They also designed the elegant entranceway to the aircraft in a copper finish with detailing that resembles Polish paper cutting, ‘wychinanki’ that is found in shops around the world.

Elsewhere the colour is blue, but with a difference. “Blue is LOT’s colour, as it is with many airlines, and a big question posed by us was ‘how do we redefine blue?” says tangerine CMF designer, Rui Xu.

‘Pure Polish’ is the theme of all three cabins. It builds on Polish heritage and is shaped by LOT’s ambition for the future. Every element is designed to capture the spirit of Poland. The bulkheads are reminiscent of awe-inspiring scenes over the Tartra Mountains at sunrise and sunset. In Business Class an ethereal gradient sky moves from dark blue to light blue, in Premium Economy it moves from dark blue to amber – a vivid moment in the sky – and in Economy, it moves from dark blue to sky pink.

Izabela Leszczyńska, Director of Product Development and Customer Experience Department at LOT Polish Airlines, sums it up nicely “The new cabin space in all classes is inspired by the Polish landscape. Vibrant, deep blue’s emanate perfectly from the LOT brand, while the addition of copper alludes to the warmth of the Polish sun. The design follows business trends, however, as one of the oldest and most recognisable Polish brands in the world, we do not forget to include touches from our cultural heritage”.


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LOT Polish Airlines Premium Economy Concept

LOT Polish Airlines Economy Concept