Four key design trends at CES 2022

Enhancement of Everyday Objects

In response to the pandemic, there is a greater desire for objects in our everyday lives to be more efficient, and as we spend more time around our objects we require them to be more aesthetically pleasing, provide convenience, and respond to our daily needs.

Continental ShyTech Dashboard. Image credit: Continental

Metaverse – The Extension of Oneself

Whilst some companies focus on making the metaverse feel as real as possible and striving towards another reality with infinite possibilities, other companies are focused on how to use the metaverse to enhance our daily lives in the real world, breaking down and altering the physical boundaries that we face every day.

InWith Corp Soft Smart Contact Lens. Image credit: InWith Corp

Personalisation Improves Sustainability

Products are beginning to show how personalisation can offer more sustainable solutions. By providing us with personalised offerings we can control, we have more flexibility to create products that we desire and at the same time reduce our personal impact on the environment.

BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink. Image credit BMW

Health, Wellness and Fitness continues to grow

Tech in the health and fitness industry is expanding to offer us more personalised products/services that include monitoring and exercise. Subscription offerings are linked to almost all new products released to the market and offer us services that keep us engaged with the product and also enhance its functionality.

Hydrow. Image credit: Hydrow