Personalising the onboard experience

At tangerine, we see digital touchpoints as an opportunity to deliver a more personalised and playful onboard experience that can enrich passenger flight. We have come up with a concept for an interactive holographic map that utilises data from customer preferences to add a new dimension to the physical cabin space. Digital services such as suggested onward planning and experience booking can help passengers to make the most of their time. Popular passenger destinations and social media activity from the airline’s customers could also be shown onboard to help airline’s to grow their brand community and add additional revenue channels through partnerships.

The concept also explores how a projected in-flight information system could be used to display cabin information in a more interactive and stimulating way. The system creates a heads-up experience that encourages engagement between passengers and their wider environment. Running throughout the plane from First to Economy class, the visual system provides interactive journey information, unlocking additional value from an otherwise under-utilised space. It could also provide an opportunity for airlines to create a consistent brand across their aircraft through lighting and graphics.

tangerine’s interactive map is featured in the September issue of Aircraft Interiors International.


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