The move from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Designed in China’

The move from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Designed in China’

tangerine’s CEO, Martin Darbyshire, speaks to The Drum about what western companies can learn from their Chinese counterparts. Martin provides the example of Nio, a Chinese electric car company that is leading the way in creating an aspirational customer experience.

Experiential car showrooms by Nio

“From innovative electric car designs to ambitious self-driving models and showrooms imitating members’ clubs, carmaker Nio has developed a brand that customers associate with an aspirational experience.

According to Martin Darbyshire, chief executive and founder of China-facing design consultancy Tangerine: “There is a growing wealth in China and an emerging middle class that is increasingly placing great emphasis on the value of brands as symbols of status – and a growing demand for strong brand experiences, not just products and services.

“Nio has met this growing demand through its stores, featuring related brands to engage the target customer and showcase electric racing car technology that sets the aspiration of the brand and its positioning and delivers a distinctive experience for the consumer.

“Nio is transforming the total customer experience through new core technology features and creating experiences that engage the buyer at every point of their journey.””

Article originally published in The Drum’s February issue.

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