Designing for the experience economy

Designing for the experience economy

tangerine features in this year’s New Design Yearbook discussing how design can enhance the customer experience and bring economic value to businesses.

Given the increase in demand from consumers for experiences, the question is raised as to how designers can adapt and take onboard changes in behaviour. To answer this, the example of tangerine’s design for the Sky+ box set is presented, illustrating the power of design to create new experiences that are emotionally intelligent enough to communicate technological advancements easily to the end user.

Using tangerine’s newly released project with Bluebell, a smart monitoring system for both parents and their babies, the article highlights how important it is to engage consumers on both the emotional and physical level through design. Done effectively, this can create truly memorable experiences that last a lifetime, resulting in increased loyalty from consumers and an increase in their willingness to pay.

The article also features the Rapport MRI patient comfort, communication and entertainment solution designed by tangerine for Cambridge Research Systems. The project, which is yet to be launched to market, focuses on improving the experience and comfort of patients during an MRI scan.

With the experience economy estimated to continue to grow, the article summarises that those who are successful will be the companies and agencies with the emotional intelligence to develop deep insights into the psyche of consumers and keep one step ahead of them, taking them on a continued voyage of discovery.

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