Poise, a new economy class seat concept at AIX Expo 2017



POISE: noun 

  1. a state of balance or equilibrium, as from equality or equal distribution of weight;
  2. a dignified, self-confident manner or bearing; composure; self-possession:
  3. steadiness; stability:

When tangerine designed a new concept seat, great consideration was given to the name. This project was about showing the agility and capabilities of four industry leaders in the aircraft interior aerospace industry and through collaboration, how they could demonstrate the value add of a ready-made supply chain to their core customers; seat manufacturers.

POISE seemed to fit.

tangerine joined forces with industry leaders; seat cover manufacturers, Bradfor Ltd, plastic injection moulding company, IPC Mouldings and the foremost magnesium manufacturer, Magnesium Elektron.

Dan Flashman, design lead at tangerine, said: “POISE rethinks the structure of the economy class seat to enhance the passenger experience, creating extra legroom for every person, irrespective of where their seat is positioned relative to the seat track.  Creating the seat design around delivering this small innovation will have a significant impact on the level of comfort enjoyed by the passenger.  Other features such as extended headrest wings, magnetic meal tray, are only made possible by the close collaboration and buy-in from the key stakeholders.”

The concept seat, POISE has been created to showcase how close collaboration and cooperation between suppliers can drive innovation. By pooling their combined expertise and constantly sharing ideas between all parties, the concept was conceived, designed and developed into a showcase prototype in just eight weeks.

With POISE, the designers have flipped the seat structure on its head. Not only that, but we have formed a unique, highly capable supply chain and come together to create something truly inspiring.

If you’re looking for a composed state of equilibrium, collaborative inspiration and supply chain excellence, or as we call it, a seat, come visit us at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

The seat will be displayed on the Northern Ireland Stand, organised by Invest Northern Ireland at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, 4th to the 6th April, Hall B2, stand 2U41.

Dan Flashman, design lead at tangerine (front) with Patricia Clements, managing director at Bradfor Ltd (left),  Sarka Jeremic, product manager at Magnesium Elektron (centre) and Joanne Liddle, managing director at IPC Mouldings (right).

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