JAL’s international Boeing 777-300ER cabin interiors fitted with “Infused Essence” design strategy

Japan Airlines (JAL) has launched the new cabin interior of their international Boeing 777-300ER aircraft fleet, extending tangerine’s “Infused Essence” design strategy that was developed for JAL’s newly acquired domestic A350-900(359) aircraft, which launched in June 2019.

The B777, last renovated approximately 7 years ago, has been JAL’s ongoing, long-haul aircraft. This is the second project to launch from tangerine’s ongoing design partnership with JAL. The brief was to create consistency between the cabin product of JAL’s new flagship, line-fit A350 domestic service and its existing international service of B777 aircraft. The new B777 aircraft took-off with passengers on board for its first revenue flights earlier August from Tokyo Haneda to London Heathrow.

tangerine’s design strategy of ‘Infused Essence’ is echoed throughout the four classes of the cabin interior. Capturing the traditional innovative spirit of Japan, whilst delivering a contemporary travel experience. The B777 retrofit aims to appeal to both local and international passengers.

tangerine worked closely with Botany Weaving to create a bespoke textile design for all of the seats of JALs B777. The seats in each class have thick, breathable patterned fabrics with variants of JAL red, accompanied by blacks and greys dependant on the cabin class.

Bespoke pleated curtains that reference the traditional Japanese origami paper-folding techniques divide the cabin classes. Cabin walls, vestibules and toilets have been designed with dark black patterned finishes, reflecting the Japanese interior design tradition of utilising monochromatic surfaces for interior spaces to create a rich, layered environment.

Yuichi Ishihara, Creative Director & Head of Japan Business says:

“Due to strict weight limitations, every detail down to the last thread had to be considered to achieve the right balance of cabin weight and desirability. We challenged ourselves to introduce the maximum benefit for the customer experience while judging the weight implications to the gram!”

Additionally, tangerine designed all of the bespoke lighting for the new cabin. During a 3-day workshop with manufacturer Diehl, in Germany, Ishihara was able to guide the development of various lighting scenarios which are offered onboard as well as special occasion themes.

The outcome led to over 10 bespoke lighting themes; many of which are reflective of Japan’s seasons and natural landscapes. In addition to UX-focused scenarios for welcome, taxi, take-off, mealtimes, sleep, wake-up and relaxation. In March and April, during the cherry blossom season, the cabin lights up in the Sakura theme, using delicate pinks and Spring greens to evoke the feel of the annually celebrated Japanese holiday.

Matt Round, tangerine’s Chief Creative Officer says: “By implementing tangerine’s design strategy of ‘Infused Essence’ to JAL’s B777s, the outcome is refreshing, bold and introduces a cohesive customer experience across JAL’s entire domestic and international fleets.”

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