Advancing the supply chain capabilities of the UK Aerospace industry

tangerine Chief Creative Officer, Matt Round, and Graham Stuart MP, Minister for Investment at the Department for International Trade.

The aerospace division of the Department of International Trade (DIT) was formed 2 years ago and since then the department has been forging ahead and promoting the UK aerospace supply chain. Last night, 11th December, the Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart, hosted a reception at the Foreign and Commonwealth Institute, bringing together some of the best British technology, design consultancies, and the world’s premium airlines.

Highlighting the UK as a world leader in airline interiors, the Minister stressed the importance of design in the industry. The Minister commented on the importance of the department’s presence at key airline shows including Aircraft Interiors International and Farnborough, championing the unity of UK designers, suppliers, and manufacturers in presenting a truly world-class offer to international airlines.

tangerine’s Chief Creative Officer Matt Round presented the value of the airline interiors sector, said to be worth US$29bn by 2021 (up from $16.8bn in 2016).  Matt thanked the DIT for their continued support in promoting the UK’s airline interiors sector. It is a great time for the airline industry as it is set to grow as the World’s population is set to increase to 8.63bn by 2030 and people are travelling more. Due to its expected growth, the airline industry has a lot of potential for companies and enough room for everyone. “By working together, we can extend the UK’s capabilities,” explained Matt. Speaking of the airline interiors sector, Matt highlighted how despite being a relatively small group, the sector possessed a significant influence working with airlines, airframe manufacturers and OEM seat vendors across the globe.

“Our pool of creative talent in the UK is fueling commercial success for airlines, manufacturers and the supply chain around the world”, commented Matt. From giants to the disruptors new on the scene, if we can work together, we can innovate and deliver competitive advantage, helping airlines, manufacturers and the supply chain to create even better passenger experiences.

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