Young Choo

Young Choo

Director Korea

As Project Director and Head of tangerine’s Seoul studio in South Korea, founded in 2004, Young is responsible for winning new business, leading projects and coordinating design teams in both London and Seoul. Since joining in 2003, Young has enjoyed an illustrious career at tangerine, leading projects for many of South Korea’s biggest companies including: LG, Samsung, Hyundai and Amore Pacific. Her leadership has helped brands to succeed domestically and internationally through innovation, strategy and outstanding design.

Young is highly skilled and experienced in design management, product identity development and design strategy, which she uses to great effect for clients such as Sindoh, with whom tangerine has formed a long-term strategic partnership. She has been integral to the successful repositioning of the OEM company as its own ‘Sindoh’ brand and has led the development of a design strategy and unique design language for their product ranges. In addition, Young has led the design of a Sindoh showroom at their headquarters to showcase new 3D printers designed by tangerine.

Young has directed numerous successful projects for Korean clients, across a variety of different sectors. These range from designing washing machines for Woongjin, creating differentiating POS and communication tools for KT&G, to designing mobile recording studios and concept diggers for Hyundai, as well as repositioning Korean cosmetics brand, Innisfree, for international markets through a new brand positioning and the design of new retail experiences and store formats.

Young is a key figure in tangerine’s prolific partnership with LG, which has involved over 85 projects, spanning from the design of mobile phones to design strategy for fridges for the European market, encompassing considerable R&D and consumer research across four countries. Having been educated in the US and worked previously in Italy as well as United Kingdom and South Korea, Young has developed a sharp understanding of western consumer trends and how to translate intelligence for Asian brands to succeed internationally.

Young has instinctive design intelligence and has built a deep understanding of complex business challenges through a specialisation in design and innovation management. Young is currently completing a PhD at London’s Brunel University to further build her expertise and leadership in the field. She uses the research from her studies to inform the development of design strategies for tangerine’s clients and effectively illustrates the positive impact that design can bring to their business.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting and Sculpture dual major), College of Architecture, Art & Planning, Cornell University

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