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For three decades, international design consultancy tangerine has been partnering with global brands, creating outstanding customer experiences and services to build thriving businesses.


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Balancing business logic with consumer emotions

Identifying how to satisfy the emotional needs of consumers is a considerable challenge for businesses, but doing so has the potential to deliver a significant impact on commercial performance. Three decades of experience working with global brands, retailers, and manufacturers has given us an acute understanding of how to balance business imperatives with creativity to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

Using innovation, strategy and design, we turn opportunities into solutions that deliver a return on investment for our clients and create outstanding experiences for their customers.

tangerine revolutionised commercial flying by creating the World's first fully lie-flat bed in business class for British Airways.

Insight into action

Consumers are better informed than ever, but they still don’t necessarily know what they want until they see it. We put enormous value on unlocking actionable insights that lead to the creation of exceptional products and services that people never previously imagined could exist.

We generate insights through a wide exploration of the influential factors, including business and consumer trends and the market landscape, as well as employing a variety of techniques such as observation, interviews and workshops. From insights, we develop design strategies and create design concepts that shape the multiple dimensions of the customer experience.

Using insights into the behaviour and motivation of business travellers, tangerine transformed Heathrow Express's first class carriage through individual passenger seating

Cross-sector perspective

Working with companies across a broad spectrum of sectors; from transportation to hospitality and consumer products to retail, we know that consumer expectations for a service are not bound by specific industries.

By utilising knowledge, experience and insights from adjacent spaces, we gain an understanding of the external factors that affect consumer opinions and behaviour; and consequently, influence business performance. This enables us to choreograph new consumer experiences and leverage new emerging technologies to bring competitive advantages to our clients.

tangerine designed a sophisticated, space efficient and portable hotel room for Snoozebox

Creative collaborators

We work with our clients as part of an integrated project team, discovering the seeds of good ideas and turning them into solutions that fulfil our clients’ objectives. We hold strategic design seminars and innovation workshops with key stakeholders to unlock innovation and set the future direction of their brand’s products and services.

Over the last decade, we have run a Design Immersion Programme with clients such as Nikon, Toto, Seiko and Okamura, who base members of their design or management team at our London studio to co-work on projects. Through this creative and cultural exchange, participants are taken outside of their corporate silos, allowing them to expand their knowledge and learn from our strategic and creative processes.

We help brands to reach their potential, combining innovation, strategy and outstanding design to deliver remarkable results for businesses and consumers.


Global and multicultural

In the global economy, it is increasingly important to deliver the right experience and tailor brand messages to customers in order to be relevant and differentiated. Therefore, we place high importance on interpreting cultural nuances and local customs authentically to articulate brands effectively in different markets.

To support our global clientele, we have built a diverse, multi-cultural team, who undertake projects from across the World from our studios in London (UK), Seoul (South Korea) and Porto Alegre (Brazil).

The design studio is led by Martin Darbyshire, Chief Executive Officer and Matt Round, Chief Creative Officer. Their passion for creating exceptional customer experiences that drive commercial performance for business has seen tangerine create and deliver successful change for numerous global companies.

Awards and Achievements

Great exporters 

tangerine is proud to support the UK Governments Exporting is Great campaign. As well as working with ambitious UK companies such as British Airways and Sky+, 80%+ of tangerine’s work is for overseas manufacturers, retailers and service providers.