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Sindoh lecture with Martin Darbyshire
Through a long-term strategic design management partnership with South Korean printer company Sindoh, tangerine has helped the business to reposition itself from an OEM B2B business to a B2C brand entering new markets, such as the US and Europe. Most recently, tangerine has helped the Korean brand to move into the fast growing 3D printer market.

Over several years, tangerine has helped Sindoh to develop a signature design language and robust design strategy to help them create a distinctive product range that improves their competitive advantage. We have worked with Sindoh on every aspect, from the design of their logo and corporate identity, to the design of numerous printers, across various different categories and most recently a showroom in their headquarters. All while continually evolving a strong corporate and brand identity.

Over the last 12 months, we have shared our knowledge of using design to enhance their strategic capabilities, through a series of quarterly lectures delivered by tangerine CEO Martin Darbyshire. These presentations have helped to guide and inspire everyone at Sindoh, from the CEO to engineers, to utilise innovation, design and branding effectively to meet business goals and to help differentiate Sindoh in the highly competitive printer market.

Recently tangerine has helped Sindoh move into the fast-growing 3D printer sector, with the design of a range of 3D printers; from entry level home printers to professional 3D printers for business use. The first 3D printer, the 3DWOX was introduced at CES in 2015, receiving a good response and has since won a Red Dot Award.

Learn more about Sindoh’s 3D printers here:

In November 2017, tangerine accompanied Sindoh to FormNext 3D, the international exhibition and conference showcasing the next generation of 3D manufacturing technologies. At the show, Sindoh revealed its new industrial level FDM printer designed by tangerine. The printer features a large printing bed for large scale 3D printing and is capable of moulding two different types of material together, so that the user can achieve a mix of plastics and metals in one print. This has exciting applications for the creative industries and engineering, where architectural models and components can be prototyped and tested quickly and cheaply. The design is currently being finalised and will be launching soon.

We look forward to being able to share more from our partnership with Sindoh over the coming years.

Sindoh Form3D showroom

Sindoh Form3D

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