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tangerine has solved some of the most complex puzzles in design through unlocking powerful innovations that have to operate within very demanding constraints.

We have designed some of the most beautiful products that, in each and every case, optimise design to deliver a noticeable increase in the quality of the consumer experience. This improves perceptions of efficiency and by extension, reinforces the consumers belief and trust in the brand. We have repeatedly delivered outstanding and rapid return on investment (ROI). With British Airways a full ROI was achieved within a period of 8-12 months for each of two separate cabin projects, whilst meeting the most stringent operational requirements. No client problem is the same so we create a bespoke strategic approach for each project that ensures, through design processes and solutions, the delivery of significant commercial value.

Our unique proposition is to unlock true value for both the client and consumer, delivering exceptional functionality and improved experience through world-class design. In short, we offer groundbreaking innovation and design that makes consumers happy and businesses profitable.

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